Golf is a relaxing leisure time Game,cam be played by all Family members,there is a great deal of pleasure,in being able to walk and play on a Golf course in nice Summer weather.

Golf is a seasonal Game played in Summer months,it is played on a pre determined Course,very easy to learn.Golf is played in numerous Countries around the world,there are many benefits in playing Golf family time together,walking exercise,fresh air,a general feeling of relaxation.

Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs Are made in various sizes to fit Women,Children,Men,and Youths Clubs are also designed for left handed as well as right handed golfers

  • Golf Club Drivers

  • Drivers are the largest Club in the Golf bag,they are use to hit (Drive) the golf ball off the Tee on the tee box,due to the Distance that the Ball will fly when hit with a driver,they are usually used on holes that are over 200 yards long.

    Golf Woods are clubs that have heads similar to a driver but a are smaller in size and do not drive the ball as far,they are used on tee boxes and fairways,and come in various sizes (ie #3 #5 etc.) the larger the # the shorter distance the club will hit.

  • Irons

  • Metal Golf Clubs that are numbered 2 to 9, the larger the number the shorter the distance the Club will hit.also Clubs with a higher number hit the Ball higher in the air so when the ball lands it will not roll as far or may stay still,which is needed when landing on the putting Green.

  • Putters

  • metalGolf Clubs used once a golf ball has landed on the green,to tap the Ball so that it rolls into the hole and that hole is then completed and the Golfers move to the next tee box to play the next hole.There are many types of Putters,left or right handed,and two way Putters that can be uses with either hand.

  • Chippers

  • are an Iron much the same as a putter,they are used when a Golfers Ball is too close to the Green to use a full Iron, a Golf Chipper used similar will lift the ball when hit and then the ball will roll on to the green into the Hole


  • Golf Irons that are used,when a Ball lands in a Sand Trap a (Sand Wedge) also there is a Pitching wedge used when a short lofted drive is needed,close to the Green,and too far to use a Chipper. Golf Carts & Bags

    Golf Bags are used to carry the Golf Clubs and other items required for Golf such at Golf Ball,Tees,towels.Golf Bags come in various sizes,they are usually carried by an over the shoulder carrying strap,or a backpack type of carrying.

    Golf Carts

  • Are small two wheeled carts use to carry the Golf Bag and be pulled or pushed by the Golfer making it easier to take the Golf Bag around the Course. Golf Shoes

    Golf shoes are made for all Golfers Men,Women,Youths and Children,the Golf shoes have Grippers on the Sole to provide a more stable stance when swinging a Golf Club. Golf Gloves

    Golf Gloves are a personal preference,there are usedto give a Golfer a better grip on a Club. Golf Clothing

    most Golf Courses ,have a Dress Code that requires Golfers to wear proper attire this will usually consist of long or short sleeved shirts with a collar,proper Golf Shoes,and Shorts or Casual Pants,Caps or Hats are an option.

  • Rain Gear

  • Usually consists of a light Rain Jacket or Pancho,and Umbrellas, as most Golfers like fair weather,many will not Golf in a Rain, but one can always get caught in a weather change. Golf Instructions

    Most Golf Courses will have a Teaching Professional Instructor or will have access to one,beginning Golfers would be wise to take basic lessons,and practice, practice some more.

    There are numerous instruction Books available from many Suppliers they have been written by a number of different authors,who are very knowledgeable in teaching Golf,to Recreational Golfers and will have instructions on all parts of the Golf Game. Golf Practice Nets

    Are a suspended net that can be used on a lawn in a back yard so a golfer can Tee up a ball and hit it into the net with their to practice with their Woods and Irons

  • Chipping Nets

  • Are Basket shaped nets used to Practice using a Chipper or a Wedge the object being to chip the ball into the Basket,with a Golf Balls

  • All Golf Balls are of a Standard size,usually White in Color,there are other Colors (Red,Yellow,Orange,and Pink)Colored Balls are used only by Recreational Golfers.

  • Other differences in Golf Balls is the structure of the Pebbled surface of the Ball,which can be softer or harder than other Balls,a more firm Ball going further when hit.A beginning Golfer should use a Ball with a Firmer surface as it will be more Durable than a softer Ball less prone to Scuffs and Cuts from poor hits to it.

  • Plastic Practice Balls,are hollow plastic Balls with holes that can be used,on any grassy areas,they will not travel far when hit with any Club,and are used to practice a Golf Club swing.

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    Golf Clubs
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    Golf Shoes & Clothing
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    Golf Carts & Bags
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    Golf Training Aids
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