Fishing is a Recreational sport, using a Rod and Reel to try to catch fish in the wild,(Angling),all persons can fish, the fish caught may be cleaned and eaten by the fisherman, or released back to the wild (catch and release). Fishing may take place from shore where the lure is cast into the water, or from a boat where the lure is thrown into the water, the lure may also may be pulled behind the boat (trolled).Fishing may also take place in winter on frozen lakes and ponds, a hole made is through the ice and the lure is placed in the water and pulled up and down (jigged)to catch fish. There is also a benefit of being out in the open fresh air.

Rods  Reels
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Spinning Reels The most common Reel in use in recreational fishing, user friendly tangle free, can be used with various lures and sizes of fishing lines,available from,at various prices.

  • Trolling Reels are normally used to tow fishing lures behind a slow moving boat,the may also be used casting from shore and the reeling in the lure,not as user friendly as the spinning,these reels use a braided cotton or nylon line,and can tangle easily when casting.

    Bait Crank Reels are used for fishing from a boat or casting from shore,baits used are imitation plastic flexible fish models with hooks attached,when fishing use the bait hook that matches the bait fish In the waters fished.Bait Crank reels use braided lines and also can easily tangle when casting.

    Fly Fishing
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    Fly Fishing is a fishing method in which an artificial (lure) fly is used to catch fish.Casting a nearly weightless fly requires a special casting method different from other casting methods.The Fly is cast using a Fly Rod and fly line,the weight of the line carries the lure through the air to its target,an opposite of bait fishing in which the weight of the lure gives the casting distance.

    Fly Rods and Reels,somewhat different from other rods and reels,the rod is usually make of fiberglass or other synthetic material,the rod is very flexible allowing it to bend and flex when casting out line,the reel is a rotating spool used to retrieve line after casting it out.

    The fly line consists of two parts,a light weight monofilament leader which is of a 10-14 lbs,test attached to a heavier which can be a braided line waterproofed with plastic or a plastic line of a heavier test.

    Fly Fishing Lures are artificial flies waterproofed with plastic, made to resemble a live fly, very light weight,Flies can be dry meaning they float on top of the water or wet flies that sink below to water surface.

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    Metal Spoon Lures are made in various shapes and sizes,they may be polished metal usually silver in color or painted, striped or spotted in various colors.They can be used in trolling or casting.

    Wooden lure are made in the shape of a fish,some are fitted with metal scoops that make them appear to swim or dive and appear lifelike,when trolled or cast

    Plastic Lures.Made in the shapes of fish similar to wooden lures with the same actions when used In trolling or casting

    Plastic Baits. Artificial Baits made to appear as earth worms,frogs ,and flies or bugs that can be attached to hooks for trolling or casting

    Fishing Equipment
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    Landing Nets Are used to land a fish in a boat or on shore after it has been reeled in,a landing net should be large enough to hold most fish in the area that is being fished,the net consists of a metal ring with a net attached,and a pole shaped handle about 4ft,long avoid using a small net as they will not hold larger fish and attempting to land a fish with a small net will usually cause the fish to fight more and often break loose of the hook.The net can be made of mesh or rubber the type is a personal preference.

  • Fishing Knifes Are used to clean ,scale and filet the fish,be sure the knife being used can remain sharp while being used,electric knives are also available for fish cleaning.

  • Fishing Gloves Are available for Women and Men the gloves used have a gripping surface to assist in taking the fish out of the landing net, so the hook can be removed and the fish kept for consumption or turned back into the water (catch and release).Other gloves are Fishing filleting gloves to protect hands from cuts when cleaning and filleting the fish,all have a cut proof covering.