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Is a Club and Ball Sport played in Summer in which Players(Men, Women, and Children) use various Golf Clubs to hit Golf balls into a series of holes on a Golf Course in as few Strokes as possible,Golf is a Recreational Activity, usually played by individual Golfers, or in certain instances Golfers play as teams. There is no standardized playing area, the Game is played on a pre arranged progression of 9 or 18 holes,a Golf Course each hole will have a Tee box and a putting Green containing the actual hole,where the Golfer can use a Golf Club called a putter to tap (putt) the Golf Ball into the hole.

Fishing is the Art of catching fish in the wild,for Recreation or Consumption, there are several methods of catching fish, the most common is with a hook and Pole called Angling (Rod and Reel) There is also Fly Fishing, Fishing in winter through a hole In the ice Ice Fishing.Fishing the Ocean for large Sport fish. Fishing can be done by all persons men,women,children, Fishing in all areas is Regulated by Laws and Regulations


Baseball is a ball and stick team game played on a designed playing field called the Baseball Diamond,teams playing have nine active players each,which can be men,women or children or mixed teams of all.The object of the game is to score runs,as the team with most runs is the winner,it is an excellent game that promotes teamwork and fitness,the team batting tries to hit the Baseball thrown by the pitcher with the bat and them run around the Baseball Diamond in a clockwise manner,the team fielding tries to put the batter out by catching the Baseball in flight, or by tagging the runner out before they reach a base at a corner of the Baseball Diamond safely,three outs and the batting team must take the field and the team that was in the field then comes to bat,after that team has batted and put out means an inning has been played,nine innings usually make a whole Baseball game,and the team that has scored the most runs wins.There are standard rules for all Baseball games,there is no time limit to a game,the games are controlled by a Baseball umpire who has total authority to interpret all rules.


Soccer is a team sport played by two team of eleven players each with a round Soccer ball.It is played by 250 million players in 200 countries, a leisure sport played by men,women and children,the Soccer playing field is a rectangle and is the same size for all players,but the Soccer balls may be smaller for children teams.There are Soccer goals at each end of the field and the object is to kick the ball into the goal at the end of the Soccer field defended by the opposing team,the only player who and touch the ball with their hands is the goal keeper, all games are in control of a referee and two assistants, all Soccer fields are the same size world wide and all rules are the same. Soccer is very beneficial to all persons for fitness,exercise, and teamwork.
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Hiking (walking) is a world wide leisure activity, it may be done for various reasons exercise, sightseeing, exploring, it is a simple activity and the equipment and supplies needed depend upon the type of terrain and duration of the planned hike, it can take place in rural or urban areas, a simple walk in the park or upon mapped hiking paths.

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